SEASON 1:  Game Master Ruty takes Satine Phoenix, Milynn Sarley, Kyle Vogt, Zak Smith & our special guest through a world of elemental airships, lightning rails, and the most sophisticated sentient beings. It's the stuff movies dare to replicate but only found in Dungeons & Dragons and only live in Eberron!

Now, in 5th edition D&D.

Season 1 Cast: 
Ruty Rutenberg as the Game Master
Satine Phoenix as the Psion Kalashtar
Milynn Sarley as the Shifter Divine Herald
Zak Smith as the Changeling Fighter
Kyle Vogt as the Warforge Acaneer

Intro Video Production team:
Music by AJ Sorbello
Footage by Allan Amato
Illustrations by Satine Phoenix
Special effects animation by Leo Kai
Title Animation in Cinema 4D by Mathias Omotola
Edited by Satine Phoenix, Ruty Rutenberg & Leo Kai

Makeup: Misti Dawn