Episode 4: Fine Print

Special Guest: Jason Charles Miller & Derek Mears

After suriving (SPOILER ALERT), and Rav getting (WHAT) by (MORE SPOILERS), Azure & Lucky have caught a break, stumbling upon the abduction of Tabbris with the help of Svirfneblin brothers, Thalli (Jason Charles Miller) & Resset Shalerock (Derek Mears). If you've been watching, you can guess how that goes, and the group is surprised when Prince Halix, now under a crown-full of stress, needs their help. The catch? Before they can write a battle-plan, they have to write a business plan... and deal with some ratmen or something. Sound fun? They should have read the Fine Print! (See what I did there?) 


Episode 5 - Rav'nous

Special Guest: Jonathan Keltz & Kym Jackson

A couple paper cuts are nothing compared to a 10,000-foot drop. Just ask Rav! When he's not surrounded by a dozen or so undead. Good thing Mezael (Kym Jackson) and Gar-Katu (Jonathan Keltz) have been dispatched to bring him home... not that he has one anymore on account of the raiding and all BUT-- Things get interesting when Rav recognizes a doll his saviors recovered from a previous air-ship-wreck. With Tabbris on a special mission to the north, Azure & Lucky are thrilled their friend is alive. Well, "friend" is loosely-used. "Alive" too, for that matter.


Episode 6 - Faith or Famine

Special Guest: Ivan Van Norman

Ivan Van Norman, er.... Wilgram Poymo Bruqua the "civilized", enlists the help of Azure, Lucky, Rav, & Tabbris to investigate a series of abductions happening on the eastern edge of Breland in a remote town called Mistmarsh. Oh yeah, and Tabbi gets a boyfriend! Who? That's not my place to say... BUT you won't want to miss that first kiss! It's explosive!