Episode 7 - Manifest Mayhem

Special Guest: Dinora Walcott

In this week's episode, our heroes meet Zelyora (Dinora Walcott), the Earth Genasi Druid, as she flees the Faded Forest on foot. What is she running from? Who did she leave behind? What is her connection to the void elemental and where will this new acquaintance lead?


Episode 8 - The Shadow Knows

Special Guest: Taliesin Jaffe

Bandore Mercury (Taliesin Jaffe) returns to where it all began! Our misfits rush back from the (spoiler) to find Bandore engaged in a drinking contest and now estranged from the (spoiler) he picked up in Episode 1. Baron Nery Waltroph offers his services, and Lucky is beside himself with all the rage a warforged can contain. A Void Dragon and a mage named Omodort show our heroes just what the Realm of Eternal Night looks like through a portal to Mabar. Curious? That usually kills the cat -- and we usually have at least one of those in the party...


INTRO Video (Season 1)

Ruty Rutenberg as the Game Master
Satine Phoenix as the Psion Kalashtar
Milynn Sarley as the Shifter Divine Herald
Zak Smith as the Changeling Fighter
Kyle Vogt as the Warforge Acaneer

Intro Video Production team:
Music by AJ Sorbello
Footage by Allan Amato
Illustrations by Satine Phoenix
Special effects animation by Leo Kai
Title Animation in Cinema 4D by Mathias Omotola
Edited by Satine Phoenix, Ruty Rutenberg & Leo Kai

Makeup by Misti Dawn