Episode 6: Faith or Famine

Still reeling from the election process? No matter who one, it's left us all with a nasty taste in our mouths. How about a healthy dose of Eberron? And who better to come back to "D&D heaven" with than nerd-celeb Ivan "Van Baron" Van Norman in Episode 6!

"Nerd from the North", Ivan Van Norman dabbles in a little of everything; author, entrepreneur, stage performer, VFX artist, voice over, and award-winning game designer for his part in creating the zombie survival RPG Outbreak: Undead for Hunter's Books. On screen, Ivan is a constant joy as Geek & Sundry show host of How to Play and No Survivors, as a guest of Wil Wheaton's TableTop, or during his finals run on TBS's King of the Nerds. In between busy days of killing players and crowdfunding campaigns, Ivan is out and about promoting his new book The ABC's of RPGs.

This week, Ivan Van Norman, er.... Wilgram Poymo Bruqua the "civilized", enlists the help of Azure, Lucky, Rav, & Tabbris to investigate a series of abductions happening on the eastern edge of Breland in a remote town called Mistmarsh. Oh yeah, and Tabbi gets a boyfriend! Who? That's not my place to say...

BUT you won't want to miss that first kiss! It's explosive!