Episode 7: Manifest Mayhem

In this week's episode, our heroes meet Zelyora (Dinora Walcott), the Earth Genasi Druid, as she flees the Faded Forest on foot. What is she running from? Who did she leave behind? What is her connection to the void elemental and where will this new acquaintance lead?

Wait... what am I forgetting? Maybe a little background on why Dinora is so awesome?

Harvard Grad, Moscow Art Theatre Alum, and Upright Citizens Brigade, Dinora Walcott has the pedigree for a lordship in Eberron. Seriously, most of them don't have that kinda cred. Toss in comedies like 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly, to her 6-year stint on Scandal and her latest gig on Grimm, she's just the kinda crazy that'll fill that void. See what I did there?