Episode 1: Orcbone has Fallen

Greeting Arcanites!

We have archived and edited 2 of the first three chapters of Episode 1 With our special guest Taliesin Jaffe.

Some of you know Taliesin from his long running character on Critical Role, Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo the Third of Whitestone. Perhaps some of you know him from his voicework in any number of video games like Fallout 4, Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Street Fighter, and a host of other anime or cartoons, and maybe there's even a few of you that remember him as Kenny in Mr. Mom!

A sure bet from Taliesin is that no matter how many characters he plays, he's always looking for something new. When we sat down to figure out what his part would be in Maze Arcana, one thing he was certain of was that he wanted it to be different than Percy's stalwart and cautious demeanor. As you can see in the very first segment, after graduating from the College of Discord, his new bard Bandore Mercury wastes no time getting into the thick of it. If you're a fan of Taliesin, Percy, or Bandore and love bard mosh-pits don't forget to subscribe and check out the Patreon where his build will be up in the coming weeks. 

As with any first episode, there's a good bit of technical difficulty working alongside Twitch with limits on bandwidth. Muscle through it, Bandore's accumulation of roadies and possible bride-to-be are absolutely worth it!

Oh, and if you're wondering where the remainder of the episode is.. I'll just say that sometimes the software doesn't always play nice. We have it, and we DESPERATELY want to (cause Bandore is EPIC!) and will as soon as we can.

Update: Nov 14th -- We don't quite have it sync'd just yet. We're getting some "top men" on it as we speak! Yeah, it's that bad...