Episode 2: Droaam'd if you do


Good morning you lovely Arcanites!

Today we bring you Episode 2: 'Droaam'd if you do' with Special Guest Austin Scoggin. 

Austin Scoggin in one hell of a model, you can tell by the artwork Satine did that he's got that chiseled jawline and broad shoulders, but he's also one hell of a person. When he's not modeling for magazine covers and world renown designers, he loves to spend his time playing Magic the Gather, going so far as to take decks with him on each new job and trip, introducing new people to his favorite card game. His deck is a mix of white and black magic he affectionately titled, Death & Taxes. For his charity, he chose to support one that supported his family through a tough time and saved his cousin's life only a few years ago. Sounds like a paladin to me!

When we sat down to create Legan Rith, his character for Maze Arcana, we discussed some of his favorite magic cards (all from the white deck) and his processes in creating and playing Death & Taxes. The recurring theme was inspired by a divine inevitability and thus his patron would be Ollandra who governed good fortune. Legan's own person luck is terrible but his ability to affect the luck of others around him fits right in with Austin's passion for contributing the majority of his own personal time and resources to others.

This is a great episode if you're new to D&D as you'll be able to see how a player with zero experience in Dungeons & Dragons but a solid fantasy foundation, by way of MTG, can pick up 5th edition and dive right in. Check him out in Episode 2, "Droaam'd If You Do".