Episode 3: Nery a Care in the Air

Hello fellow Arcanites!For Episode 3 we had Director and all around SUPER nerd fan Jon Schneppstop by. You might know Metalocalypse, Venture Bros., Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Black Panther, Underworld the animated seriesall of which I personally loved, but most of us in the nerd community got our first look him on screen in his documentary, The Death of Superman Lives, chronicling the biggest "almost" in the Man of Steel's history.

So, when I talked to Jon about his D&D experience entailed, and what kind of character he usually liked to play... an impulsive, courageous, and overall jolly man was he. Thus Sudz Tawalz was born with a Courageous Heart and the style of a Barbarian, not the Conan-kind but the rough a tumble sailor of the Breland Airship Armada. If I had any chance to slide in a little Brock Sampson, here's my chance! 

Jolly indeed, Jon played host as one of Prince Halix's only friends aboard his all-white, gold filigree Sky-Yacht, even when it was attacked by another airship under the banners of Karnnathi-Ace, Baron Nery Waltroph. His heroics as their airship plummeted from the sky earned him a special place in the hearts of our heroes and viewers. Don't take my word for it, check out the excitement, we're all-hands-on-deck. (I couldn't help myself...)