Episode 4: Fine Print


Actor, Voice Actor, Stuntman, Horror ICON, Derek Mears has had one hell of a career and he's just getting warmed up. Seriously this man has been in everything from World Trade Center, Indiana Jones, The Hills Have Eyes, to giving Jason Voorhees' machete something to swing about! This dude is a bad-motha-gnome. So we gave him some full plate (with a mask) and a machete (well, he brought his own, actually)  and teamed him up with one of his best friends...

Jason Charles Miller has two decades of Hollywood under his belt but never really lost his southern charm one gets from growing up in Virginia. Really though, it's that voice. His deep voice and smooth guitar skills put him on the map, featuring his talent in major magazines like Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guitar World, and on MTV, MTV2, Fuse, VH1, being touted as one of the country's most consistent touring singers to rock live audiences all over the world. Like the iconic D&D character he voices, we made him a ranger from the Underdark... Who could that be?

In this episode of Maze Arcana, we get to see one of my favorite races in action, the Svirfneblin. Oh yeah, and we have two amazing actors to come to play them. Horror fans will recognize Derek's imposing, towering stature AND D&D fans should recognize Jason Charles Miller's when he voices this character... which sounds a lot like _________! Can you fill in the blank?

Thanks for coming, enjoy the show!