Episode 5: Rav'nous

Wanna get caught up on the show? How about a taste of Eberron? Maybe you just need to take your mind off the election? Episode 5, features two people that have had a grand effect on my time in Hollywood, Kym Jackson & Jonathan Keltz.

Kym Jackson was one of the first people to say "hi" to me when I moved into my first apartment in Hollywood. At the time, I think she'd already been a working actress for five years and I was popping into the building around the time she was finishing her first book, The Hollywood Survival Guide. Since then, her career has reached new heights, clearly following her own advice, with feature films Worry Dolls, Iron Sky, Red Line, and Snitch, and CBS hit shows Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los AngelesIn 2016 alone, Breeding in Captivity, Your Own Road, and The Half Dead. Aussie party animal from birth, she has been one hell of a friend & companion for me... So that's what I made her, the bad-ass Mezael, Animal Companion to --

Jonathan Keltz I met a year after that and were instant partners in crime. Further, he is a constantly cheerful force in the world, spreading his infectious smile to the world no matter what face or character he's wearing at that moment, even inhabiting Gar-Katu, one bad ass hunter. Long time D&D enthusiast, @JonnyKanyon hasn't really had a whole lotta time to play lately between working for Ari Gold as Jake Steinberg on HBO's Entourage or befriending the Prince of France as Leith Bayard in CW's Reign.

HUGE fans of Drizz't and the ranger way of life, Gar-Katu plays comrade to Mezael, and the two of them are a critical-happy secret agent duo. I can't wait til Mezael gets her runes...
Wait, what?