Episode 8: The Shadow Knows

What better way to end our season than the way we began, with some drunken chaos? In other words, the return of Bandore Mercury (Taliesin Jaffe) kicking & screaming (he calls it "singing") through a mire of broken booze bottles, swampy-ass, and a... VOID DRAGON? 
Wait, what?

Yup! Just as our heroes return from the Faded Forest with Zelyora (Dinora Walcott) and hoist hubby onto the operating table, our heroes are keyed into a familiar, and always unsettling, sight. Bandore, drinking yet another stooge under the table. With his iron constitution intact, he wastes no time coming to his friend's aid when a Void Dragon emerges from the swamp. 

Need more? A prominent figure from Lucky's past finally makes his debut, and quite an impression, on our misfits. His name rhymes with...
Nayron Terry Cal Drop... 
There will be much popcorn eating and drama watching, to be had! I can guarantee that someone gets stabbed in the back. But whom?

Will they be able to send the dragon packing? What happens when... Guys, come on!
It's the season one finale and TALIESIN is back! What more hype do you need? Oh, yeah, and Bandore gets something he's always wanted... bet you can't guess what it is... I'll give you a hint, it shares the same space as the dragon. Chickkkabplow!

What are you waiting for?