Fury's Reach Tuesdays

Join two groups of D&D players, led by Maze Arcana DM’s Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg, as they face the fury of the Chultan jungles in a race to obtain a powerful artifact. Unbeknownst to them, both groups will occupy a shared timeline, battling the dinosaurs, undead, and other jungle denizens as well as the progress of the other group as they explore the reach of Chult, from high cliffs to deep caverns. Who will find it first? Can they survive Fury's Reach? Find out Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Twitch.tv/DnD at 7pm PT.

The Tuesday game will feature Satine Phoenix as the Dungeon Master and the following group of players!


Kyle Vogt

Twitter: @kylevogt


Kym Jackson

Twitter: @aussiegirly

Kurt Carceres

Twitter: @kurt_caceres

Misti Dawn

Twitter: @meowmistidawn

Kyle Vogt is an actor, game designer, writer, and has been playing various RPGs for longer than he cares to admit. You might have seen him in one of the worst movies of all time, "The Room". Carrying an eclectic set of skills from working for NASA to fashion photography to creating crazy new food recipes, he's been known to play any and all kinds of characters. You can see him every week on Maze Arcana: Orphan Echo playing Lucky, the long suffering warforged arcaneer.
Twitter: @kylevogt

Kym Jackson is an Australian actress and author of The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors. Most known for her work on Worry Dolls, Iron Sky, Red Line and Snitch, and CBS hit TV shows Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los Angeles.
Twitter: @aussiegirly

Kurt Caceres was born in Napa, California. At a time before computers existed and the only thing available was a pen and paper and some archaic early edition Dungeon & Dragon modules. He started playing in the 70's before most people here were born, but then the heyday of technology hit and for the next 3 decades, he put down the pencils and paper and retired to play MMORPG's on something called a Computer. MazeArcana is his return from a 3 decade retirement. Things have changed drastically and it's been a slow recovery, but like riding a bike, its starting to all come back. Dice. Imagination. Mathematics. Spells. Saves. Role Playing. All words that a mere commoner wouldn't understand, but that those in the right circles, those with a keen sense, will welcome with open arms. A very well known and successful Film and TV actor, odds are you've seen him somewhere at sometime in some form. He brings his methodology to the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons, and like Gandalf, Kurt is the old wise man with tales before your time...........he's seen things you could never imagine.......and so it is...........
Twitter: @kurt_caceres

MeowMistiDawn grew up an only child in a video store, which probably started her love of different worlds. Between watching the classics and hours of video games, she used these outlet to visit imaginary lands. Since then, Misti has been featured on G4. You can even play as Misti when playing lead female role Thi Barrett in the remake of Rise of the Triad. Misti also works as a full-time makeup artist for Nerdist and Geek & Sundry. She’s been a podcaster for years, formerly co-hosting Bagged and Boarded on Kevin Smith's “Smodco” network and is currently co-hosting Keep Your Shirt On podcast.
Twitter: @meowmistidawn