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Fury's Fate past shows can be found on twitch.tv/dnd/videos/all. Dungeon Master Ruty Rutenberg guides the party through the wonders of Chult.

Cast: Dodger as Reef, Cig Neutron as Le'Pad, Kyle Vogt as Captain Dariguez, Kim Horcher as Edyn, Alex Gross as Yishnok and Ryan Omega as Imporo. 


Episode 1 - Orcbone Has Fallen

Special Guest: Taliesin Jaffe

You join our campaign as our unlikely heroes -- Azure, Lucky, Rav, & Tabbris -- meet the incredibly talented musician, Bandore Mercury, plying his trade on the tavern circuit. One little bar fight in Breland uncovers a raid from the monster nation of Droaam on Fort Orcbone, a military installation on the border. Who is this man in black? Where did he come from? Why have the orcs raided the fort? Do they feel marginalized and want the mascot changed? Tune in to find out on the FIRST EVER Maze Arcana live stream!


Episode 2 - Droaam'd If You Do

Special Guest: Austin Scoggin

Scorned by lady luck (who just happens to be his mom...), Legan Rith is a soft-spoken Aasimar and paladin to Olladra, deity of feast and fortune, who has had to flee a rather unsavory streak of luck and some gambling debts in the nation of Thrane. He now finds himself among the Breland military, filling the ranks of Fort Orcbone that our heroes have just reclaimed and, consequently, are just coming off a mega, Discord-inspired, bender to find the prince missing, and all fingers pointing toward the monster nation of Droaam.


Episode 3 - Nery a Care in the Air

Special Guest: Jon Schnepp

Returning to Orcbone with Prince Halix, it is clear that a fight is on the horizon and our band of heroes wants nothing to do with it. Luckily, Prince Halix has developed a soft-spot for Azure and volunteers his Air-Yacht to Wroat and his resources to help track her down. When the ship arrives and Sudz Tawalz (Jon Schnepp) lets down the ladder, it seems that we're in for a royal treat. That is, at least, until someone, or something, knocks out of the sky... loosing the elemental engine on the crew.

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Game Master Ruty takes us on a journey through Eberron with Orphan Echo: a new company of unlikely heroes as they make their way through Breland from Orc Bone to the city of Wroat. A Shifter, an Asimar, a Kalashtar and a Warforge find there is more going on in the world than they could have ever imagined.

Starring Satine Phoenix, Kyle Vogt, Milynn Sarley, Kurt Caceres & special guests. (D&D 5e, Lvl 6)