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Watch DM Kyle Vogt run a cast of heroes (played by: Cig Neutron, Anna Brisbin, Marcy Edwards, and Kaiji Tang) through the LAVA BRIDGE encounter of Dwarven Forge’s latest set, DUNGEON OF DOOM.

Their characters are trapped in this Dungeon with only one way out, forward! They near the end of this exhaustive dungeon, but every step they take leads them towards more dangerous foes…


episode 27:
The hukes is loose

Is it a bird, a plane, another foe to swing at? Why no! It’s a friendly warforged in all his Arbiter glory here to save the day and he’s looking for… Bray Grizzlemane?! He’s a chosen one?!

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episode 26:

While it isn’t the best park job they’ve ever seen, our heroes somehow remain alive with a mostly intact airship. The only question is, how do they shop for parts in THIS neighborhood!

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episode 25:

With a bit of ingenuity, and certainly some luck, the entire party has successfully commandeered the enemy airship and continues on their path towards Hukes’ freedom. What could go wrong?

Episode is Currently Under Maintenance!

Episode 24:
Off the hukes

Grizz, Laucian, and Felix recount their separate endeavors and are surprised when some unexpected allies come to their aid. Will they go after Hukes’ head, or will they spare him for his secrets?

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episode 23:
Whale of a tell

The party revels in their first big score and splits up to both investigate the Cocoon Saloon’s high-roller card game, as well as make the final drop to collect the other half of their reward!

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episode 22:
millie’s takeout

Everyone makes their way to Millie’s to do some reconnaissance, find the goblin and stolen money, get some pie, and pull off an epic dreamlilly heist for the Boromar Clan.

Episode is Currently Under Maintenance!

sign, steal, deliver

Kad visits the Old Dominion and delivers a proposition to the group on the behalf of a nefarious organization that has equal parts risk, reward, and retribution.

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episode 20:

The group brings the girls back to the Old Dominion to keep them safe while Felix checks on Paulie and determines their next course of action.

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episode 19:

Laucian, Grizz, and Rose attempt to bluff their way into the Watch Precinct to question Tawny and the other orphan about what they know or remember about the murders.

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episode 18:

Still separated: Grizz questions the alleyway brigand, Rose flees her pursuers with the aid of a familiar face, Felix does reconnaissance at Millie’s, and Laucian does a favor for a friend.

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episode 17:

The group separates: Laucian does work both legitimate and unsavory, Grizz goes in search of Larry, and Rose accompanies Robair to visit Cad at home in an upper level of Sharn.

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episode 16:

With the two orphans safe and sound in Grizz’s apartment, the party must quickly decide what to do when the Sharn watch comes knocking on their door…

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episode 15:

After Laucian accidentally sets the ruffians’ building on fire the heroes must dive into the flames to save those he cast sleep on and another innocent.

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episode 14:

On their way out of the Wickett Lawn to begin investigating anew, the group encounters a young girl in trouble and springs into action to fend off a wave of attackers.

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episode 13:
Return to Abnormality

The party reunites after the chaos at the Cocoon Saloon and encounters the newest group member, Byyra (as played by Kim Horcher) the Hobgoblin detective.

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