JUNE 2017

APRIL 2017

Sundays: Orphan Echo

Game Master Ruty takes us on a journey through Eberron with Orphan Echo: a new company of unlikely heroes as they make their way through Breland from Orc Bone to the city of Wroat. A Shifter, an Asimar, a Kalashtar and a Warforge find there is more going on in the world than they could have ever imagined.

Starring Satine Phoenix, Kyle Vogt, Milynn Sarley & Kurt Caceres. (D&D 5e, Lvl 6)


Mondays: Peanut Gallery

Maze Arcana continues the story Monday nights following 2 Halfling Barbarians, a Dwarven Auditor Bard & a Warlock Tiefling. These level 10 characters wander the south western tip of Eberron in search of answers.

Not wanting to end their game from Pax West 2016, Ruty, Satine and their WOTC pals Chris Lindsay, Bill Benham & Travis Woodall made a pact to keep playing. (D&D 5e, Lvl 10)

Side Story: Savage Nation

This 3 part side story, run by Game Master Satine, finds the party in Droaam at a secret academy built by the Daughters of Sora Kell, during a magical event that might change their lives forever. A Gnoll, an Ogre, a Tefling, a Changeling, a Goblin and their Human friend must solve this puzzle or loose someone they care for forever.

Starring Maze Arcana's very own production crew: Ruty Rutenberg, Leo Kei Angelos, Nico DeGaillo, TL, Bruce Monach & Neal Fischer. (D&D 5e, Multiclasses - lvl 4)