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Worlds No. 1 Slot – Starburst

Worlds No. 1 Slot – Starburst

There are many avid slots player enthusiasts who enjoy this form of entertainment online. While there are numerous different types of slots to choose from, one that has become a favorite of so many is the Starburst slot, created by the renowned software provider, NetEnt.

How to Play

The first thing a player of this slot actually wants to do is make sure they are betting on all available lines of this game to increase their chances of a win. It is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 10 pay lines. Next, a player can decide what level they want to play at, which determines the value of the coins being spent for each bet. The game also allows for the option of being able to change the value of the coins. So a player can, for example, bet two coins with a value of .5 each. These both determine what each bet will be when the spin button is activated.

Features of Starburst

The Starburst slot machine has many great features to it that make it so popular. It first begins with the theme. It has an outer space appearance with different gems making up the galaxy. Each of these gems has a different value and can create some lucrative winning combinations. While each gem has value, the coveted one is the green emerald. However, wins can be racked up beyond the collection of the gems. This is where the lucky icons come into play. Here players want to focus on the red 7, which is worth more than some of the lower-paying gems. For those who intend to go after the big wins, they want to be able to line up five identical bars. To help in getting winning combinations easier, there is the wild symbol that will take the place of any of the other symbols.

Another thing to go after when playing this game is the free spins. This gives a player a chance to play without having to pay for a set amount of spins. To achieve this, the player needs to land wild symbols on lines three, four, and five. When this happens, the wild symbols will expand and become locked in place throughout the free spins segment. However, just landing one wild symbol activate the wild feature. This means that the reel will be expanded and locked in place while a respin takes place. All of this increases the chances of some great wins.

Starburst Slots Features

Where to Play Starburst Online

With this being such a popular game, it is one that can easily be found at the many online casino platforms. It is often one that these sites will feature because of its popularity.


What makes Starburst such a great game to play is that it can be played by the beginner slot player or those who like more advanced games. The different winning combinations that can be collected hold an aura of excitement with each spin. It is one that is appropriate for the frugal player who only likes to bet 0.01 per spin or for the more adventurous who wants to bet $1, going all the way up to $100 bet per spin. The bet level can be changed along with the coin value.

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