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Aliens; An Exciting Online Slot Game

Aliens; an Exciting Online Slot Game

There are many different software platforms that provide products to online casinos. Within these items are many different slot games. One that many people find exciting is called Aliens. This is a slot game provided by NetEnt, one of the most highly recognized software providers online.

How to Play

To begin to play the game of Aliens, it starts with understanding that this slot has five reels with three rows and fifteen pay lines. Players can increase their chances of winning if they make sure they are betting on all fifteen lines. Considering how much to bet is the next decision. Players can choose the lowest option of 15 cents up to a whopping $150 per bet.

Once the bet has been determined, its time to start spinning the reels. Players can do this manually or set the game to auto-spin for a designated number of times they choose.

Players want to line up as many of the high paying symbols that they can in a spin. The symbols are a combination of alien eggs along with aliens that have fully matured. Some of these will have a monster symbol attached to them, which are the ones that are going to give the player the highest payouts. There are also unhatched egg symbols that produce the lowest payouts.

As players continue to bet, their gameplay starts at level one, which is called the search. As they progress through the game, they will move up to level two, which is the Encounter; this now increases the wins’ value. If they continue to play, they can move up to level three called The Hive. As soon as a player hits this level, they are given five respins. This is an exciting level to be at because the player can then have an opportunity to destroy the hive. If successful, it will trigger the jackpot.

There are many different opportunities to rack up some good wins with Aliens slots. The ones that players want to go after are those which are within level three. But the player is going to have to go to battle to destroy the Queen along with her hive. If successful, the player is rewarded with a payout of 240x their bet. This is done with the use of grenades. If a player happens to accomplish this with just one grenade, then the payout is even more. The biggest win that a player can walk away with from Aliens is 3,817x their bet.

Features of Aliens

The things that make any slot game enjoyable to play are the graphics and the sound effects. They are one of the prominent features of the Aliens slot game. The groundwork for this game’s theme revolves around an old movie made in 1986 called “Aliens.” The slot game has become as popular as the movie itself almost.

The best features of the game are the three different levels that the players can get to. Each level has its own bonuses within it, and increases in difficulty for racking up wins. Still, for those who make it to level three, then the excitement soars from here. In any event, some good wins can be realized in all the levels. One bonus is the Weyland -Yutani symbol shown on reels two and five in level one. This is the wild symbol that helps to increase winning combinations. After level one, these wild symbols can appear on any of the lines.

Where to Play Aliens Online

For those who want to enjoy what the Aliens slot game has to offer, there is no need to leave home to do so. It can be found at many of the online casino platforms. In most cases, the game can be played on standard mobile devices.


Aliens is a good choice for a slot game for beginners right up to high rollers.

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