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Play Maze Of Osiris Video Slot From Relax Gaming For Free

Play Maze Of Osiris Video Slot from Relax Gaming for Free

The Maze of Osiris is an online slot game developed by Relax Gaming, based on an Egyptian theme and great graphics. The game is pretty user-friendly with a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96 percent, high enough to land a few wins. The company has made this game available on multiple platforms for free so that the audience base can enjoy it without any cost and worries to pay for an entry fee. The game is available on a varied range of platforms from desktop to smartphones with the availability of making it easy to use by providing landscape and portrait modes on all platforms of gaming. It is also capable of supporting different kinds of software systems, predominantly windows, apple and android.

Maze of Osiris

Relax Gaming has its headquarters centred in Estonia, they primarily deal in the development of instant gaming systems with a focus on modernisation of gaming. Relax Gaming is also a game developer which has been working alongside several casinos, providing them with multiple modern online gaming slots which are compatible with small scale devices like the smartphone. The consumer base of Relax Gaming is very strong as it has managed to spread it, staff reporters, all across the European continent, Barcelona, Malta, Tallinn, Sweden, Finland, and the UK are few of the larger epicentres. The company has existed for more than sixty years now which has helped them gain considerable goodwill and excellent experience in the world of online casino gaming. It has multiple departments which handle different issues and trained employees take care of all problems and development schemes, they are placed in different departments like fraud prevention professionals, HTML developers, second and third dimension game planners.

The maze in the name of the game seems to have little to no relevance with the actual game, it seems like a different version of candy crush with Egyptian symbols, heavy-duty graphics and a chance to win money. The theme is the most eye-catching feature of this game with different Egyptian gods and symbols which create an effect as if the screen is about to crack whenever you get a bonus.  The audio system was not properly worked on, in the sense that it does not match the intricacies of the video system. bonuses. The symbols are well designed to fit the theme, heads of Egyptian gods studded with gold ornaments and an occasional appearance of Egyptian letters which is not meant to be decoded. The variance of this game is loosely set in between the low and medium spots which means that you will have the chance to win a lot of times but getting the bumper prize would be out of the probability equation, hence the chance of hitting a big win is very far fetched thought.

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