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Maze Of Osiris Slot Review

Maze Of Osiris Slot Review

The interesting system of appearing and vanishing symbols in the slot machine has become popular in the last couple of years, this is based on a pattern of similar games which have been developed in the past decade. Relax Gaming has tried its best to provide the players with an excellent user interface with the system featuring a huge playfield as compared to the other games in this contingent. As the name suggests, the theme is borrowed from an ancient Egyptian god, Osiris, who gets murdered and his brother usurps the throne. The game is made keeping in mind the young generation of players, hence it carries a modernised design and engaging graphics to make sure that the player is glued to the screen.

The maze in the name of the game seems to have little to no relevance with the actual game, it seems like a different version of candy crush with Egyptian symbols, heavy-duty graphics and a chance to win money. The theme is the most eye-catching feature of this game with different Egyptian gods and symbols which create an effect as if the screen is about to crack whenever you get a bonus.  The audio system was not properly worked on, in the sense that it does not match the intricacies of the video system. bonuses. The symbols are well designed to fit the theme, heads of Egyptian gods studded with gold ornaments and an occasional appearance of Egyptian letters which is not meant to be decoded.

Maze Of Osiris

If we look at the betting styles and game’s working mechanism, we find that it runs on a five reel system with a place for six different symbols, waiting to be spun, with a total of forty pay lines which have been already fixed. There is a limit to a minimum and maximum betting with the lowest one can stake is 0.40 coins and the limit touches the ceiling at 80 coins.  Just like in the candy crush saga, this slot has its symbols fixed in the appearing and vanishing method, which means that every time you get a combination, it will disappear and a new set of symbols will take its place.

The variance of this game is loosely set in between the low and medium spots which means that you will have the chance to win a lot of times but getting the bumper prize would be out of the probability equation, hence the chance of hitting a big win is very far fetched. Yet people pull this slot for the high probability of winning the small tokens, this can range from anywhere between 5 times to 1500 times of your original stake.

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